Cloudessa RADIUS

Cloudessa RADIUS


Cloudessa RADIUS is a cloud solution that removes the headaches of maintaining enterprise RADIUS servers. It provides reliable and secure authentication, authorization, accounting and analytics. The system supports a wide variety of authentication protocols including EAP-PEAP, EAP-TTLS, and 802.1X. It is FISMA, PCI and FIPS-compliant. With Cloudessa RADIUS you can build the highest level of security for your company in one click.

Cloudessa RADIUS is a secure and scaleable RADIUS authentication, authorization and accounting solution. It simplifies enterprise authentication by reducing the cost and complexity of RADIUS deployments. It lets you authenticate any user or device, anywhere, and anytime. It runs as-a-Service on award-winning Amazon Web Services platform and as a Virtual Appliance for Private Clouds.

"Our product is very technologically advanced and includes large stack of technologies. To manage the product kernel, we had to make a simple but at the same time very functional and intuitive GUI. Vaadin help us to spent less time for developing and testing a user interface on different platforms. Vaadin save our time so we can focus on system kernel and security issues." - Roman Miroshnychenko, Cloudessa - 

Cloudessa is working to radically improve security of the cloud infrastructure and realize the potential of software-defined networking. We were founded by a group of security industry veterans and serial entrepreneurs. Cloudessa is headquartered in downtown Palo Alto, CA.