Chargestorm - Charge Portal

Chargestorm - Charge Portal

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Charge Portal is a portal for all electrical vehicle actors. The EV driver can start/stop charging sessions and view statistics such as energy consumption and charge duration from previous sessions. An EV charging service provider can configure and monitor charge stations from the portal. Statistics from the charge stations is collected and user provisioning is also parts of the portal functionality.

Chargestorm architecture is based on Vaadin in combination with Liferay runing on AWS. Chargestorm chose to use Vaadin because their internal Java background. It is easy and efficient to write portlets in Vaadin.  

"Writing the front end code in plain Java based on the Vaadin framework to create advanced user interfaces has proven to be fast and easy. The Vaadin book in combination with the online forum have making it easy for our developers to learn and come up to speed with development of Vaadin applications. I really like the framework which eliminates common problems with browser compatibilities and client server communication in an elegant way. We are now looking forward to start development on the upcoming Vaadin version 7."
- Stefan Gabrielsson, Vice president at Chargestrom -

Chargestorm - intelligent solutions for EV charging
Chargestorm is startup company developing advanced electrical vehicle charging solutions, includingthe charge stations and a Vaadin based web portal providing services for different EV actors. Chargestorm is on a mission to create the best charge station solutions for electrical vehicles on the market. Our business is to ensure success for actors providing electrical vehicles charging services by providing complete charging infrastructure solutions scaling from small to large installations.