Browser UI for Smoothie

Browser UI for Smoothie

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Cloud Smoothie® and Smoothie Mambo are server based solutions for forecasting, collaborative demand planning, inventory optimization and sale and operations planning that are used by hundreds of global corporations.


In 1993, the company released the first Windows-based solution for demand management. Later that decade, it migrated from desktop to Windows client-server. Then, a few years after the turn of the century, the company went to market with the first 100 percent browser-based demand management solution. The web version was easy to deploy, however it lacked the usability and interactivity that applications in this category required. After a few years, the company replaced the web solution with a Java Swing-based product named "Smoothie." The company later released Cloud Smoothie and Smoothie Mambo, server versions, and is now widely considered to be one of the top two or three applications in the sales and operations planning software market. Now, the newest releases of its Cloud Smoothie and Smoothie Mambo (server) solutions will be based on Vaadin.

How does it work?

The Demand Works applications are interactive, analytical and graphical, allowing users to manage their production and inventory plans simultaneously at detailed as well as aggregate levels. The solution is most widely known for a technology called Pivot Forecasting® that enables interaction with complex hierarchies based on product, customer, channel, and geographic business segments.

Why Vaadin?

"We chose Vaadin because it is open source with commercially-friendly licensing, is backed by a well-staffed company with an extensive professional services capability, takes a component-based approach to development that enables high development productivity, and delivers the type of highly-interactive experience necessary for a world-class planning application."

"Using Vaadin to enable our world-class planning application for browser deployment has been a fantastic overall experience and the result has pleasantly surprised us by exceeding our previous Swing client. It looks better, runs faster, and is based on an improved application architecture."
Demand Works Company
Demand Works is a Pennsylvania, USA-based corporation specializing in providing demand forecasting and sales and operations planning solutions to medium and large businesses. The company serves hundreds of manufacturers and distributors including many of the largest and best-known companies in the world.