Bid Right

Bid Right

Ireland ICT

Bid Right has been designed to meet the most demanding needs in return on investment optimization to save your time in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign management. Bid Right opens new perspectives on simplified management and real time optimization of all of advertising SEM campaigns with all major search engines: Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter.

Bid Right is written in Java and modeled on an MVC architecture (Model-View-Controller). All data is stored in a PostgreSQL database. The user interface is built on top of the Vaadin framework, giving the user a unique browsing experience. Bid Right uses Hibernate to handle database access and manage relational data and transactions. Bid Right is able to communicate (Read/Write) with the following API Google Adwords, Yahoo, AdCenter and retrieve informations from the main Affiliate/Tracking Plateforms (e.g: Affiliate window, Commission Junction, Trade Doubler, Webgains, etc...). All statistics are displayed into table that uses our customized lazy container to avoid pagination.

"When we started developping our application we decided to code it in Java and frustated by JSPs limitations we used the first version of GWT seduced by the ability to code everything in plain Java. After several versions made with GWT it became obvious that we needed a server-side web application framework. So in 2008 we evaluated echo2 and IT-Mill (now Vaadin which back then had just been released as open source) and chose the later for its components and architecture and never looked back. It is the perfect framework for our application that manipulates huge amount of data and which can only performs correctly with server side architecture. The community around Vaadin is extremely dynamic (forums, Trac) and the project is communicating very well on their roadmaps. Today with more and more projects and company using Vaadin we are thrilled to have been part of this community since its inception."
Anthony Callegaro, Director

Personalized Software
Founded in 2007, Personalized Software Ltd is specialising in developing bespoke software solutions for Internet businesses. Although there are a number of companies currently offering similar services, we are very niche in terms of the technologies that we use. All our solutions are developed using Free/OpenSource technologies.