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LOGO SGT's berqNET UTM project was started in 2013 to develop a network security device for small and medium businesses.

berqNET UTM is a cyber-security device that is located between internet and the local network that is to be protected. berqNET delivers several cyber security features, such as an antivirus, a firewall, IPS, VPN and more to ensure the internal network's security.

LOGO SGT chose Vaadin during the development of berqNET's operating system berqOS's user interface. berqOS runs on a special multi-Ethernet network hardware. Although, the hardware has limited resources for web interfaces since it also runs many more security features besides the GUI. Vaadin was successfully applied without degrading performance in any way which shows that Vaadin could well be used on an embedded device.

Besides the app being an embedded device app, it also concentrates on UX. The management of cyber security products requires highly skilled personnel due to the complex nature of cyber security. berqNET offers the best user experience as a differentiator to other competing products on the market.

"Vaadin is an easy to use tool for the development of user interfaces and creating better user experience. Vaadin enables us to create advanced user interface components easily." says Murat Apohan summing up their experience with Vaadin

LOGO Cyber Security and Network Technologies
LOGO Cyber Security and Network Technologies (LOGO SGT) is a company of LOGO Holding which is one of the largest software houses in Turkey. LOGO SGT was founded in 2013 and is dedicated to the development of information security and network solutions.

LOGO SGT is known for the Unified Threat Management System (UTM) products that were developed for the SMB market under the berqNET brand name. berqNET UTM was awarded an "Innovator product" by Turkish Electronic Industry Organization in 2014.