Beacon Zone

Beacon Zone

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BeaconZone „@Wiedikon Valley" is an exciting pilot project (the first of this kind in Switzerland) where the goal is to equip shops and institutions along a street with smart technologies and in particular to apply proximity detection using BLE 4.0 components based on the iBeacons strandard of Apple.

The project is an ideal platform to collect feedback and experience in the iBeacons area and in the coming months will allow to apply and measure the impact of various and typical proximity detection use case situations and constellations from a vendor and consumer perspective.

After downloading the BeaconZone App from the App-Store (or Android store), users walking down the street of „Wiedikon Valley" can therefore experience proximity event notifcations, such as product offerings, daily menu cards when entering a restaurant or receive electronic discount coupons issued by some shops participating in the first phase of the project.

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BTC Business Technology Consulting GmbH is based in Zurich, Switzerland and has more than 20 years consulting experience at large customer sites in the Java, WEB and Mobile Technology Areas. BTC carried on various Vaadin Projects since 2011.