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AXPM One is a lightweight and powerful office solution that helps Dental and Dental Specialty practices run their entire business from revenue to property and customer data inside one system. AXPM got started in the dental industry by realizing it wasn't taking care of patients that was slowing the doctors down; it was taking care of their practice. AXPM One is built to help businesses manage their practice better, from automated accounting and collections to powerful reporting. It is a one-stop application for managing all of the central parts of any any practice management business.

AXPM first contacted Vaadin in 2014 to help build software for managing the orthodontic practices that they helped manage and also that could be used to sell to other practices as well. After a quick analysis phase the project was afoot with Vaadin leading the project and doing everything from requirements gathering to UX design and implementation. The project team worked across several timezones as well as longer time periods on the customer's premises. Vaadin had everything from a Project Manager to a Usability Expert and several frontend and backend developers in the team.

"Vaadin approaches their software development from a usability and user interface standpoint, where most other people were focusing on very technical aspects first."
– Merritt Dake, CEO, AXPM

The goal was to use this solution to increase AXPM's effectiveness when managing multiple orthodontic practices. Previously AXPM managed practices used multiple software packages from different vendors to support the company's business processes, which cost lots of loss in employee productivity.

The system integrates with the practice's website, payment processing, insurance/medicaid systems, SMS system, accounting system and more. All this functionality was built with one goal in mind; delivering superb end-user experience by simplifying what a person working in the business needs to know. UX design was thus imperative since the beginning of the project.

"I have a lot of interaction with the UX and UI guys and they are excellent to work with, I can't say enough good things about them."
– Jake Gulick, President, AXPM

The end-result has been praised by both customers as well as internally at AXPM. It has been a showmanship of both great project management and development, where Vaadin has been proud to play a central role.

Vaadin's involvement

Vaadin was responsible of everything related to software development including requirements gathering, UX and UI design, project management, architectural design and the development of both the backend and the frontend. Vaadin also did automated testing and deployment, including the infrastructure running in Google's Cloud. The project started in 2014 and went into production in 2016. In total 11 different experts from Vaadin worked at the project, with the core team consisting of 5 developers.

Application Walkthrough

Technology stack

  • Java 8
  • Spring
  • Spring Boot
  • JPA
  • JOOQ
  • Vaadin Framework
  • Vaadin TestBench
  • Vaadin Charts
Axiom Practice Management LLC. Healthcare company, majority owner of 44 dental practices employing 305 persons in total. AXPM One itself has 30 employees.

AXPM was created in 2012 in Little Rock as a practice management partner for multiple orthodontic offices. In 2015, AXPM helped to establish Rock Dental Brands, a specialty-based group of doctors who provide multidisciplinary care in General Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics and Oral Surgery.