Automic ECC

Automic ECC

Austria ICT

Automic is the most comprehensive platform for automating businesses globally. Automic is used by enterprises around the globe to automate millions of  processes daily. By automating critical business processes such as billing, payroll, or supply chains, as well as application releases and deployments, Automic customers gain agility, control, and experience friction-free operations throughout complex business and IT environments.  

The Automic Enterprise Control Center (ECC) is a single pane of class web application on top of Automic's ONE Automation platform. It facilities seamless operations in large environments running millions of processes across thousands of applications and servers every day. The context aware interface presents a graphical workflow editor with a toolbox of pre-built actions, business rules development, business analytics, and operational features, whilst line of business and senior management are presented dashboards and reports detailing service level performance and throughput combined with business metrics.

Technically, the ECC has a plug-in based, modular architecture which allows us to hot-deploy new plug-ins containing add-on features into the web application without redeploying the whole application - a critical aspect thinking about 24/7, always-on operations of our customers. One of the challenges we've mastered was implementing Vaadin with an OSGi container to benefit from the dynamic component model of OSGi.

"Vaadin proved to be the right choice for the ECC. The lion share of features could be build right away with the out-of-the-box components, in pure server-side code. Its seamless extendibility through GWT to get all necessary client-side magic done is a perfect combination for us. What we like most: clean and maintainable Java code, an effective development tool chain and excellent professional support."
- Dr. Hannes Obweger, Development Supervisor and Lead Architect - 

"From a management perspective, I was looking for a framework that boosts the team's productivity, is easy to learn and allows us to scale. I needed to tick off the checkmarks on quality, reliability and security, and make sure not to bet one of the most strategic projects on a framework that stalls after few years. Beyond that I was looking for professional support to augment our team. Vaadin delivers perfectly well on all these aspects".
- DI Martin Suntinger, MBA, Director Development -

Automic is the most comprehensive platform for automating businesses globally. We help over 2,500 companies - from start-ups to global brands - grow their business by taking away the stress of the everyday so they can focus on innovating. We do this through automating every aspect of their business to eliminate errors, ensure compliance, reduce costs and maintain services while providing a full dashboard for business leaders. Founded in 1985, in Austria, Automic is owned by EQT, the leading private equity group in Northern Europe.