Attendium - guest lists made digital

Sweden Events and Conferences

Attendium is a service designed to automate guest list management at venues and events. It allows you to collect names from many sources, e.g. Facebook, e-mail inboxes and website forms, into one guest list for your event. You can even add new names to your guest list by SMS any time during the event.

With Apple's Ipad, Iphone or Ipod Touch, Attendium allows to search and check in guests much faster than with old paper or excel lists.  Instead of just focusing on how to get attendees to an event, with attendium you can get the best tools for treatment of your guests once they have signed up.
As a result Attendium completely revolutionizes the way in which event managers and promoters manage their guest lists. Attendium uses Vaadin for its web based control panel to manage users, events and guest lists.
"Vaadin is solid, well thought-througt, trustworthy and the end result is very good." Piotr Blasiak, CEO
Attendium - guest lists made digital
Attendium is a startup focusing on digital guest list management, backed by KTH Innovation at the royal institute of technology in Stockholm, Sweden.