Greece Retail and wholesale

E-Prices is a web application for observing and comparing prices of about 1500 products in 1000 points of sale (super markets). It is publicly available on the internet at and allows users to create virtual shopping baskets of products and compare prices between the point of sales in specific time periods. The aim of the project was to help citizens and the government to observe price changes in the market and assist the citizens to make right shopping choices. The web application is also available in english providing a translation of the user interface as well as of the data (i.e. translation of products' names and point of sales' names).

Major target group and the service users are citizens and tourists in Greece. However any internet user can access the web application.

Altec Integration information
ALTEC INTEGRATION S.A. is 100% subsidiary company of ALTEC S.A. "Information Systems Development and Support" branch. The company has a significant presence in the Information Technology and Telecommunications.