Aktia Forms Framework

Aktia Forms Framework

Finland Financial and insurance

The Finnish financial group Aktia plc's new claims and other forms have been completely rewritten with Vaadin. The servelts use standard JavaEE technologies from both Opensource and commercial products underneath the Vaadin user-interface.

The development has been highly effective due to the tight integration of the server-side UI logic to the business logic. The application framework itself heavily relies on annotiations to create a highly dynamic forms application. Vaadin's security aspects have allowed the developers to concentrate on the essential business logic. On top of this, testing has also been cut down due to Vaadin's wide array of supported web browsers.

Aktia's IT Director Juha Volotinen states that their goal with Vaadin was to create a flexible platform on which they can develop forms and calculators that support their customers. Vaadin also supported their goal of excellent usability and good looks.

"We also felt that the community around Vaadin was very active and growing. Furthermore, some larger IT industry players have recently created Vaadin competence centers. Vaadin as a framework was very easy to approach and understand from the extensive documentation." - Juha Volotinen, IT Director, Aktia plc

About Aktia plc
Aktia plc offers a broad range of solutions in banking, asset management, insurance and real estate agencies. Aktia operates mainly in coastal areas, in the Helsinki region, and in inland growth areas. Aktia's roots date back to 1825, when Finland's first, now existing deposit bank saw the light of day.