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ValueStreamer is a virtual Shopfloor Management software that helps manage projects with multiple people in them. The product is developed by CAS Software AG in cooperation with Staufen AG and sold to companies across the world. ValueStreamer allows for efficient top-down and bottom-up information in complex processes, so that all management levels know where the processes and projects are at any moment. 

"There wasn't a similar product on the market before, supporting value-chain management according to the LEAN methodology so we had to build it ourselves."
- Dennis Hurrelmann, Member of the Management CAS Ecosystems

With the help of traffic light colors, KPIs and easily consuming of further information based on zooming in and out, bottlenecks and defects can be detected early. The largest installations include Marquardt GmbH with over 1000 users in locations all over the world from Shanghai to Rietheim-Weilheim.

Technology Description

ValueStreamer is built with Vaadin as the UI layer and Spring in the backend. It is built on the latest cloud technologies using the CAS SmartDesign technology. CAS SmartDesign is an app-based platform for developing modern business software solutions which can be deployed in on-premise, cloud-based or mobile scenarios. 

"Vaadin enabled a highly economic assignment of tasks: the most of the application including the UI can be implemented by Java developers and only a few specialists were needed to implement complex widgets. "
- Dr. Markus Bauer, Head of Development Center SmartDesign, CAS Software AG

During the evaluation phase several technologies were evaluated, including Eclipse RAP, Vaadin, GWT and Sencha/Ext JS. Vaadin was found to be the most solid technology in 2014 to build on and has proven to be the right choice.

"The architecture of the client-server integration is very straight forward. This allowed us to create custom, responsive, easy to use components all in Java without any technological breaks between client and server."
- Tamás Kiss, Team leader and developer, CAS Software AG

Vaadin as a company early on helped CAS get a kickstart in the project with hands-on workshops and trainings. These trainings proved to be of valuable help to steer the project in the right direction from day one.

"Vaadin offered us a great and dedicated assistance by experts within the start phase and always a good documentation of the interfaces and approaches. "
- Dr. Markus Bauer, Head of Development Center SmartDesign, CAS Software AG

"Vaadin is a special company for me, driven by purpose, belief and scandinavic taste for design. And with a strong mindset to share."

- Ludwig Neer, CTO & co-founder, CAS Software AG

CAS Software AG
CAS Software AG from Karlsruhe is the leading German expert in customer relationship management (CRM) for small and medium-sized enterprises. CAS was founded in 1986 by Martin Hubschneider and Ludwig Neer in Karlsruhe. Within the CAS organisation, CAS Ecosystems offers you smart solutions to create efficient, company-wide processes in businesses and organizations working together in business ecosystems.