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IDeaS G3 RMS is a revenue management tool for hotels that is sold by IDeaS, a subsidiary of SAS Institute, as a SaaS application. With the help of the application, hotels can project their demand, optimize fill rates, automatically adjust pricing, and much more. The application's goal is not only to provide a visual overview of a hotel's business with drill down functionality but also to automate and optimize pricing, room stay and overall revenue. G3 RMS is used today by hundreds of hotels.

G3 RMS is a large application. The project team consists of 80 people, with two people from Vaadin helping with migrating the previous version of the application from Flex to native web with Vaadin Framework. As the application consists of over 140 modules, IDeaS has been migrating it in steps to Vaadin to ensure customers get new features gradually.

"Coming from the Flex world, we had to manually manage the communication from the frontend to the backend and because of that sometimes a backend change would break things. Now Vaadin takes care of the communication. Automating it and taking away that layer has been a huge advantage in giving stability. It would be hard to go back to some other framework, with all the other headaches of developing HTML and JS"
Dan Nelson, Sr. Applications Developer, IDeaS.

IDeaS chose Vaadin as its next technology platform after solid research. About three years ago, after Flex was announced obsolete, IDeaS put together a five-person team to explore alternatives. Having a Java backend and being a Java shop, GWT, ZK, JSF and Vaadin were natural alternatives, but they also investigated more traditional JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, DOJO and ExtJS. In the end, they chose Vaadin because it simplified the development model and resulted in the best looking user interface.

"Vaadin has really simplified our development process. Integrating Vaadin into our existing infrastructure from CI to IDEs couldn't have been more straightforward," says Paul Samargia, Applications Development Manager, IDeaS.

"Olli and Teppo from Vaadin have been an awesome addition to the team. They've helped us hit the ground running with Vaadin, something that other open source frameworks without a company behind them couldn't have done. I must say it's the best support I've ever had from any company, bar none," Paul continues.

The teamwork has progressed through an agile development model with distributed teams in Turku, Finland; Minnesota, US; and Pune, India. Communication has been achieved by daily stand-ups, email and Skype.

"The key to success in the project has been that the project has been very well lead. Us Vaadin Experts have been helping with migrating several modules from Flex to Vaadin but also been able to jump in and help other team members on various urgent tasks. Being a such a large project as it is, this has been imperative."
- Teppo Kurki, Senior Vaadin Expert, Vaadin.

IDeaS provides solutions to help hospitality businesses drive better revenue. Its software is used by 7000+ clients in 94 countries to price over 1 million rooms. The company employs 375 employees globally and has been part of the SAS® group since 2008.