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Namsys built a secure Vaadin powered cloud-based finance management solution

NamSys - Financial and insurance

NamSys wanted to build a new set of cloud-native web applications that were responsive and secure. Following an evaluation and several proofs of concept with several frameworks including Google GWT, Sencha and Angular but found that all of them fell short in comparison to Vaadin’s technology.

Secure business web apps with a consistent look & feel

The collaboration between NamSys and Vaadin has a long history that started in 2011. The FinTech company first adopted Vaadin 6, later migrated to Vaadin 7 and is now working on moving to Vaadin 14. The first production versions of the applications were ready in 6 months and NamSys has continued to actively develop them with a team currently consisting of 7 developers for the last 7+ years.

Amazon Web Services was selected early on as NamSys’ cloud platform and closely integrated with many of Amazon’s technologies to make the company’s mission-critical applications scalable and resilient.

Vaadin contributes to the increase in developer productivity and in providing a good developer experience, as end-to-end Java development eliminates the need for separate HTML/CSS designers, front end JavaScript developers plus backend Java developers. Java developers use a single language and development environment to code everything from the datastore to the browser.

NamSys has also seen improvements in code quality. Pairing a strongly typed language like Java with great development tools like Eclipse significantly improves code quality and reduces runtime errors.

Using Vaadin ensures a consistent look and feel. Java and the Vaadin framework allows NamSys to easily build their own UI components that can be reused within the application as well as across different projects. This allows to easily deliver a consistent look-and-feel across all of their applications.

In terms of security, the strict server-side state protects the application from many common security issues.

NamSys’ Vaadin-based business web applications are currently used by thousands of users from financial institutions, cash-in-transit companies and large retailers from 25+ countries around the world.

Sixfold increase in efficiency compared to Javascript development

NamSys estimates that the Vaadin framework is 6 times more efficient than Javascript-based development approaches. Capturing an extra bit of data is as easy as having a single Java developer modifying a JSON-based protocol, adding the database field and updating the Vaadin-based UI to display it to the end-user.

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