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ASF built an administrative competition lifecycle automation software

Andalusian Skating Federation - Sports

Freestyle Skating is a web platform that makes it easier for judges to manage the whole lifecycle of competitions including managing the participants, taking care of registrations, seeing the competition results, the historical data and so on. It also allows real-time publication and sharing of competition results, as well as automates other administrative processes.

Making complicated procedures easier

Andalusian Freestyle Skating Federation Committee (FAP) wanted to change a very complex rules system that makes it difficult to manage competitions. So far the judges have used extremely complicated spreadsheets, subject to human error. They wanted to reduce the mistakes during contests and improve the information provided to both skaters, who are mainly young, and their parents.

Vaadin as an ideal development tool for productivity boosts

Freestyle Skating Federation Committee needed a powerful tool for very complex, sometimes tricky, displays. Additionally, business rules required very complicated and time-consuming processes. The automation of several - at that time manual - processes was a must. For this reason, the Committee selected Spring Boot to implement the backend services and Vaadin for implementing the front-end (Human Machine Interface). Vaadin also enabled the creation of views suitable for Personal Computers, tablets, and mobile phones; even when the team had strong computing skills, they recognized Vaadin as an excellent development tool to boost their productivity, and thus produce a fully functional solution in record time.

Selecting Vaadin as our web development framework has meant a plus for our time-to-market needs. Leveraging the whole Java ecosystem also helped us to create applications faster, visually attractive, reliable and easily scalable. I am really impressed how fast our developers earned the skills to efficiently use Vaadin and also how focused they were on achieving the goals we had set with our customer.

- Benito Vela, Solution Architect


Members’ satisfaction

The developed solution helps the users to focus on the competition, reduces errors in the paperwork, and increases general user satisfaction. Claims have also been reduced by 50%. Time spent to generate result records is reduced by at least 50%.