Add-on Starter for Flow

Starter project for creating Vaadin 14 Java add-ons. Select a web component to integrate to get started quickly, or start from an empty project. The starter contains all the needed parts to publish your add-on in Vaadin Directory.

Code example

@NpmPackage(value = "@polymer/paper-slider", version = "3.0.1")
public class PaperSlider extends Component {

   public PaperSlider() {


Get Started

Generate project

e.g. "org.vaadin.addons.acme"

e.g. "My Starter Project"

NPM module name of the web component you want to integrate. Leave empty to create a generic project



  1. Extract the downloaded zip into your working directory
  2. Write your awesome Java API for the given Web Component
  3. Run mvn versions:set and set a version number e.g. 1.0.0
  4. Run mvn install -Pdirectory
  5. Upload the resulting zip from target folder to Vaadin Directory from the website https://vaadin.com/directory