Release notes for Vaadin Spreadsheet

Display and edit spreadsheets in your Vaadin application. Read / write Excel files and build familiar user interfaces everyone can use. Learn more about the product at

The latest stable release of Vaadin Spreadsheet is 2.0.0


Vaadin Spreadsheet 1.x requires Vaadin 7.4 or newer. Does not support Vaadin 8. 

Vaadin Spreadsheet 2.x requires Vaadin 8.0 or newer.


Released: 2017-02-22

  • Supports (and requires) Vaadin Framework 8 and Java 8.
  • Dropped support for Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 and 10
  • groupId changed from com.vaadin.addon to com.vaadin


Released: 2017-01-27

  • Maintenance release including bug fixes.


Released: 2016-11-29

  • Fixed an issues with removing table breaking Spreadsheet


Released: 2016-11-21

  • Update POI version to 3.15
  • Added support for named ranges in embedded charts
  • Added support for subtotal in embedded charts (when 'exclude hidden values' is disabled)
  • Added support for named ranges in embedded charts
  • Fixed an issue with borders when no grid lines are shown
  • Fixed an issue when copying large selections
  • Fixed an issue with merged cells positioning in freeze panes
  • Fixed an issue with overflowing content in merged cells
  • Fixed a performance issue when evaluating conditional formatter rules
  • Fixed an issue with numeric cells when expanding a group
  • Fixed an issue with null cells in charts data
  • Fixed an issue with missing data in 3d charts
  • Fixed an issue with vertical alignment for merged cells
  • Fixed an issue with Components and merged regions
  • Fixed an issue with missing theme in chart info


Released: 2016-09-22

  • Fixed embedded charts tooltip format to be like in Excel.
  • Fixed Unlocked columns and rows to be handled correctly.
  • Fixed resizing images to be resized when the group expanded or collapsed.
  • Fixed embedded charts to show or ignore hidden cells depending on their configuration in Excel.
  • Fixed embedded charts data to be updated when expanding or collapsing a group.


Released: 2016-08-23

This is a maintenance release of Vaadin Spreadsheet, including only bug fixes.

See Trac for a complete list of fixed bugs


Released: 2016-07-20

This release introduces the Vaadin Charts support. To enable charts support add the vaadin-spreadsheet-charts dependency.

  • Added new API to allow disabling the chart overlays
  • Added new API to handle or prevent delete actions
  • Fixed performance issue when first column or row is hidden.
  • Fixed issue with parent layout resizing
  • Fixed an issue that caused merged cells to be positioned at the bottom of the sheet after being scrolled out of view
  • Fixed an issue with updating charts category, when referenced cell is modified
  • Fixed an issue with updating scatter point X value, when referenced cell is modified
  • Fixed an issue with line detection in scatter charts
  • Fixed a problem with scrolling in comments
  • Fixed an issue with custom formatted numbers
  • Fixed an issue when deleting a comment, which was created in Excel
  • Prevent exception in embedded charts for xlsx files in created in Numbers for Mac


Released: 2016-04-08

  • 18479: Spreadsheet column width and row height can now be resized if spreadsheet file has been configured to allow it (POI XSSFSheet.lockFormatColumns(false))
  • 18431: Fixes full column and row styles being only rendered on those cells that has some content. Now also empty cells are rendered with the styles. 
  • 19450: Optimization on cell style calculations which reduces rendering times. Biggest impact in Internet Explorer


Released: 2016-01-20

This is a bug fix release. You can view the full list of the closed issues in this release at the issue tracking system.


Released: 2015-12-22

  • Fixed macro enabled excel file (.xlsm) not opening on IE in some cases

This is a bug fix release. You can view the full list of the closed issues in this release at the issue tracking system.


  • Add support for cell grouping
  • Support mouse selection when editing cell formulas
  • Improved rounding rules and rounding for general-type cells
  • Improved hyperlink handling
  • Improved invalid formula handling
  • Improved conditional formatting