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The Challenge

Keeping your app up to date

Technologies age, new platforms emerge, customer requirements change and the standards for a great UX are not static. The need for modernization is often caused by a combination of these factors. We can help you crystallize the optimal outcome for your business app and how to get there.
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UX Driven Modernization

As modern business web apps grow in functionality and extend to new platforms, ensuring a great user experience (UX) can become challenging. From usability to performance, there are many aspects that can be improved in order to enhance productivity and satisfaction.

An improved user experience can boost workflow efficiency, reduce user errors and support costs, and increase overall user satisfaction. We can help you design a complete solution or pinpoint areas for improvement in your existing application.

Technology Driven Modernization

Depending on the amount of refactoring or rewriting that would be required to significantly improve the user experience, in some situations it may be preferable to start a whole new project. Technologies become obsolete, the cost of ownership from 3rd party systems may climb and increasing customer expectations may force rapid innovation to keep up with the competition.

We can help you tackle these issues by migrating from a legacy technology to the future-proof, open standards and extended maintenance options of Vaadin.

Vaadin Services

We can help you bring your app to the next level

UX Review

A review performed by a senior UX specialist from Vaadin. With focus on your UX needs, they deliver a report that evaluates the current state of your user experience, identifies areas of improvement, recommends actions, and ensures that you follow the best practises

From 1900€

UX Kickstart

Reimagine your business application with a click-through prototype that you can validate with your stakeholders. Delivered after a 2-day onsite workshop addressing your current and future needs.

From 9900€

Scalability assessment

Make sure your app scales as intended and spare your users from potential scalability complications. The thorough assessment results in a recipe to improve performance and scalability and the test scripts needed to run subsequent rounds.

From 11000€

Migration assessment

Whether you’re migrating from a legacy technology or an older Vaadin version, our thorough migration assessment ensures a migration within budget and with minimal downtime.

From older Vaadin versions
From 12000€

From Swing
From 18000€

Migration assessment

How we assess technology migration

Our thorough migration assessment begins with an evaluation of the current state of your application to understand the scope of the migration process. We then set goals for the migration result to ensure all factors are considered and that the planned end result is optimized for your business needs. Finally, you’ll receive a follow-up with a proposed solution for the transformation complete with a technical implementation plan and estimations for the required efforts.
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