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Here are the first steps that will help you make the most out of your journey with Vaadin. If you have technical questions, want to help others, or just want to say "Hi" to everyone, join our Discord server.

For a better understanding of how Vaadin works, remember to watch our introductory training, and build your first application using the example projects.

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Helpful resources

Here are some resources that can guide you during your discovery period.

Vaadin Docs is the complete reference guide that will help you with all your future Vaadin applications. Besides the online documentation, you can also use the Book of Vaadin, which includes code examples and covers everything you need to know to build progressive web apps in Java with Vaadin.

If you need help creating your very first Java web app with Vaadin, then we strongly suggest going through the Vaadin quick start tutorial or through the very comprehensive Java web app tutorial.

To quickly get an app running locally, check out our Starter Packs. These are downloadable example projects, from simple Hello Worlds to full-fledged reference applications.

Our learning center also has information on other topics such as:

Vaadin for professionals

In addition to our free Core tier, we provide a wide variety of products and services that enable you to speed up development and provide value to your customers.

Vaadin Pro includes commercial components and tools that make you productive! The package contains among others the Designer, Charts, TestBench, Full Stack starters and training videos.

Vaadin Prime is the team package that gives you all the features listed in Pro, as well as Expert Chat, Expert on Demand, Multiplatform Runtime, Warranty that covers all Vaadin products, and more!

Vaadin Enterprise is a solution that is specifically tailored to match your business needs. On top of the other packages, Enterprise comes with 10 years of extended maintenance, indemnification, 24/7 support and a Vaadin mentor.

You can start a 14-day free trial for Pro or Prime here.

We’re looking forward to learning about the web apps you’ve built with Vaadin!