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Leaf. Leaves. Autumn.

Chilly winds, falling leaves - summer is about to close its doors upon us while we invite the warmth of our fireplaces into our homes again. Winter is around the corner, but before that families and communities join together to prepare for the coming cold.

Committing code to Vaadin core

There have been many ways to contribute and be part of the Vaadin community in the past. But we must admit that contributing to the core has been somewhat cumbersome. To tackle this we rewrote the guidelines for committing to the core.

We've been using Gerrit for our internal review of commits and after seeing its power, we've been able to extend its usage to you as well. Read the guidelines so you have a better understanding of how your favorite UI framework ensures quality and speed above all else and start writing your patches today.

Vaadin Security Webinar

Join us for the upcoming Vaadin Webinar on Security. Vaadin's own Kim Leppänen from the services team and Leif Åstrand from the R&D team have a 45 minute session on October 3rd. Sign up and post your own questions and we'll email you a link to the webinar closer to the event.



JavaOne and Vaadin meetup

JavaOne 2013

JavaOne starts next week - the largest event on Java of the year and naturally Vaadin is there as well. Come join us at booth #5106, pick up your free copy of Book of Vaadin or a cool laptop sticker, visit our two speeches (Play with Vaadin and Building Vaadin Applications in Pure Scala) or follow us on twitter for the latest scoop.

Don't forget the Vaadin meetup on Tuesday 24th at 8PM with a cool line up of presentations. Food and drinks on the house. Sign up now to meet us and your fellow Vaadin & GWT developers.

Vaadin Training
Sep 23 - 26
Sep 30 - 3
Oct 14 - 17
Madrid, Spain
Brussels, Belgium
Helsinki, Finland
Oct 21 - 24
Nov 4 - 7
Nov 11 - 14
Rome, Italy
London, UK
Zurich, Switzerland
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Taking one of the Vaadin trainings is the fastest way to learn new things about Vaadin.
Vaadin Fundamentals
Architecture of Vaadin, application structure, basic components and their usage, etc...
Advanced Vaadin
Implementation of MVC, dependency injection, optimizations, client-side components, etc...
Google Web Toolkit
Creating views, GWT RPC, events, plug-ins, etc...