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A Healthy Fall

in the Forest


Mushrooms. You can walk for hours in the forest looking for them, not finding a single one. But suddenly you find one. And there's another right next to it. Looking through the moss, you find a cluster. And then you realize you're in the middle of a basket-full of funnel chanterelles.

Have you looked around recently?


Vaadin Loves JavaScriptComponents


We are starting a series of articles in our Vaadin blog, where we publish one Vaadin 7 related article every week until Vaadin 7 is released. Our first article is about JavaScript components.

In short, JavaScript components are an alternative to GWT components. The developer writes pure JavaScript into a separate file which is deployed alongside the Vaadin application. Vaadin provides a convenient API to communicate between the server and client, both on the server and client sides. You can read the details in our blog post.


TestBench 3.0 Released

TestBench 3 is the newest instalment of our UI testing suite. While there are a lot of smaller improvements, some of the most prominent include:

  • An upgrade to Selenium 2, from Selenium 1
  • Tests can no now recorded as Java code, no need for clunky HTML files
  • You can test for response times, to keep your UI fast and responsive.
  • Mouse and keyboard are now truly simulated, instead of faking JavaScript events.

If you have a license for TestBench 2 or are subscribing to Pro Account, you may upgrade to TestBench 3 for free. Please visit our TestBench 3 webpage for more information, including brand new video tutorials.


Our Forums are Finally Fixed

The forums have been broken for a shamefully long time: It has been unable to send email whenever a message thread gets updated for a long time. The bug is now fixed, and email notifications are sent out once again. This took us way too long a time, and we're terribly sorry about it.

We hope the forums will serve you well once again.


Vaadin Trainings

Vaadin Trainings continue this fall, please check out the comprehensive trainings below.

Vaadin Training Schedule
Sep 11-12Helsinki, Finland
Sep 17-19Bangalore, India
Oct 3-5Geneva, Switzerland
Oct 15-17Warsaw, Poland
Nov 26-28Brussels, Belgium
 More to be announced
More info…