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Rocket to the moon

Not until we look at the night sky do we realize how small we really are. The stars tell a story from the past, light years away from us and from today. But to achieve something great, we have to reach even further, design our own rockets and take a leap into the future.


Designer 1.0

Designer 1.0

We're pleased to announce Vaadin Designer 1.0. With the designer, you can skip the code-deploy-test cycle and immediately see what you're doing. And not only do you see it on your own screen but you can view your design live on all your devices while you're building it, thanks to the external preview functionality. Check out Vaadin Designer and try it out in your own Eclipse!

Try out Vaadin Designer

Vaadin 7.6 is almost there

Vaadin 7.6 in beta released

Vaadin 7.6 release is just around the corner. This minor release will bring an improved communication channel, with better network outage failover and a much better end user experience when there are hiccups in the network. The release is currently in beta stage, so please help us by trying it out and reporting all the rough edges.

Related to pre-releases, we recently changed the policy with pre-releases a bit . Non-stable releases are no longer published to the Maven central repository, but accessed from the Vaadin pre-releases repository.


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IBM's Vaadin Challenge

IBM's Vaadin Challenge

IBM is hosting an online hackathon about Vaadin, where you can win an Apple Watch, an iPad or a GoPro camera. The challenge is divided into several smaller steps, and you'll learn how to use Vaadin, Cloudfoundry, Maven, Bluemix and much more. The challenge continues until the end of November, with already over 200 participants to date, so be quick!

Join the Vaadin Challenge

Vaadin webinars

Vaadin webinars

Vaadin webinars are in full steam - in the past few weeks we've hosted an introduction webinar in Arabic and another one in Chinese. We've also had a Best Practices webinar and a detailed webinar on using the ?debug window. The next upcoming webinars you can still sign up to are Loadtesting Vaadin with Neotys, 18N of Rich Web Applications, and JPA Layer.

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Vaadin Training
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