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Taking a walk in the Finnish forest today will make you notice the slippery mass that is occupying the forest floor and the faces of the granite bedrock: Litterfall. All the leaves and needles fallen to the ground, already starting to decompose, giving nutrients back to the soil. When winter comes, everything will sit there and simmer. As spring comes, we see new soil and flowers thriving. New life has begun.


Vaadin 7 Has Entered Beta (3) Phase


Vaadin 7 has already been in Beta mode for a few weeks now. Beta 1 was released September 15th, and we are already in beta 3. Since a new beta is released each week, the montly newsletter has a hard time in staying up to date.

The theme of our betas is "no new major features, make everything stable". This means that if you start a new project now on top of a beta version, the reworking needed for making it compatible with 7.0.0 is probably minimal. Some API might still change, but the structure of the framework and the main features are mostly stable now.

This will continue up until we get the first release candidate (RC) out, where the API is intended to be frozen, and only bugs are being fixed (and only the most severe bugs will get us to touch the API). We currently don't have a schedule for RCs.

Joonas has written a detailed blog post that explains pretty much everything you need to know about the betas. You can also read the newly released Beta 3 Release Notes for more detailed items regarding porting an existing application to Vaadin 7.


Vaadin 7 Architecture

Vaadin is a complete package, in the sense that you can build full applications with Vaadin Framework with no modifications necessary. But there are times where you might want to customize the behavior or look of things in a project. Even though Vaadin is very easy to use and not that difficult to modify either, there are some moving parts under the hood that are good to get to know before any special adjustments are made.

Joonas has written a concise yet descriptive blog post on Vaadin 7's application architecture, where he describes the entire stack of an application, from back-end to front-end, and everything in between. Much of this applies to Vaadin 6 too, so don't be shy to read this even though you haven't made the jump to Vaadin 7 just yet.


Pro Account Updated for Vaadin 7

Since Vaadin 7 now contains GWT and much more, Pro Account has been brought up to date with the version 2.0. We now provide commercial support for GWT that is on par with our support for Vaadin. Vaadin Pro Add-ons also have new alpha versions that all support current Vaadin 7 beta versions.

Pro Account 2.0 is upgrading our online developer support service. This means a much improved user interface and enhancements to service features. For example Software Center lets you access all commercially supported software and development tools. You can keep track on which software components have been updated or added to the support since your last login. You can also download, submit a bug fix request and vote for new features to the supported software. All this from one page.

You can read everything in detail in our release blog post. You should read it through, as we have a little something for you at the end of the post which we believe you'll enjoy.


The Future of GWT

How should GWT develop? What technologies do GWT users use the most? What are best practices within the community? What is your opinion on the future of GWT?

As part of the GWT Steering Committee, Vaadin is interested in the same goals as the GWT users that we serve, so together with Ray Cromwell (Google representative and acting Committee Chair), Artur Signell (Vaadin representative), Mike Brock (RedHat representative), David Chandler (Developer Advocate at Google), Daniel Kurka (mgwt, gwt-phonegap), and Bhaskar Janakiraman (Google), we came up with The Future of GWT survey.

Can you take 10 minutes to share your opinions with us --> and help guide the future development of GWT? We'll share all the data that we receive with you, so that you can make your own educated decisions about the future!

Take The Future of GWT Survey

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