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Season changes

November, the time when autumn turns into winter and a fresh new season starts. Snow gradually lights up the ground, and the darkness will be a bit brighter. That is good when we only have seven and a half hours of daylight to enjoy and we already feel the busy December coming closer.

Good news to professional Vaadin users. We split the Vaadin Pro Account subscription into the more logical and affordable Vaadin Pro Tools and Support Plans. Like the product names suggest, these are more specific and a better match for your needs.

Vaadin Charts, TouchKit and TestBench only $35/month

If you need licenses to Vaadin TouchKit, Charts or TestBench - you can purchase them separately or you can now get yourself an easy $35/month subscription to cover and stay up-to-date in your development.

Vaadin Pro Tools are extensions to the open source Vaadin Framework for serious Vaadin developers. Vaadin TouchKit helps you move your Java application to iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Vaadin Charts is a full library for visualizing your data beautifully on the screen and Vaadin TestBench helps you ensure continuous quality of everything.

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New support levels for Vaadin and GWT

When time is money

Getting support for your Vaadin and GWT team has never been easier. You can get three levels of support from us for both your Vaadin and GWT projects. Typically extended with some custom consulting services and bug fix prioritizing, these are the time-savers you need to reach that faster time-to-market and ever changing business goals.

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Usability tips and tricks

When time is money "Bad usability wastes users' time, it increases the risk of user error and worst; it can make the users hate you."

Rolf Smeds from the Vaadin UX team gave a lecture on UI/UX Design in the "Vaadin at the University" series a few months back, explaining usability in Vaadin. Watch the video recording of the session to get an idea of what you can do to enhance the usability of your Vaadin application.

In addition, remember to check out the Vaadin usability wiki. There are a lot of good code snippets that make you and especially the users happy.

Vaadin Training
Jan 13 - 16
Jan 20 - 23
Feb 10 - 13
Feb 24 - 27
Berlin, Germany
Finland, Turku
Finland, Helsinki
San Jose (CA)
Mar 10 - 13
Mar 10 - 13
Apr 7 - 10
Italy, Rome
Fort Lauderdale (FL)
Germany, Munchen
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Taking one of the Vaadin trainings is the fastest way to learn new things about Vaadin.
Vaadin Fundamentals
Architecture of Vaadin, application structure, basic components and their usage, etc...
Advanced Vaadin
Implementation of MVC, dependency injection, optimizations, client-side components, etc...
Google Web Toolkit
Creating views, GWT RPC, events, plug-ins, etc...
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