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SAD Is a Sad Thing
Seasonal affective disorder, more commonly known as winter blues, raises its head again around these times of the year. Some become tired, maybe a bit grumpy or even depressed. Finnish stores carry bright lights to combat this, and they do wonders when turned on in the office, after a dark drive to work. Soon the snow will fall, beautifully brightening everything up once again.

Sorry for Breaking Your Features

With the development of Vaadin 7, we have been very careful not to remove any existing functionality from the framework. But we do want to make use of the opportunity with a major version to do some housekeeping and clean the architecture of design decisions that haven't worked out as well as we originally thought. Sometimes this means that we need to reorganize things in ways that we feel are technically superior even though no 1-to-1 replacement can be provided.

Leif from our development team has written a (currently) two-part article on some of the most visible changes that developers familiar with Vaadin 6 will probably stumble upon quite quickly after starting working with Vaadin 7. Read the articles in our blog: Sorry for breaking your features: Part 1, Part 2.

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They Are Using Vaadin

We encounter new and interesting projects that are using Vaadin all the time. Being inspired has a key role in making a project successful, and it's very easy to become inspired when you see others being innovative and successful with the tools you're using. Here are some examples:

  • SentiOne is a beautiful monitoring and analysis tool for social media.
  • AR-12 is a debt management system by Haulmont Technology, built on top of an innovative software platform.
  • Ariadne is a security management and inventory system for laboratories, created by Moleculenix.

These success stories, and many more, can be found at our newly redesigned Who is Using Vaadin section of our website. If you have done something you want to show off, contact us and impress us!

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Jfokus 2013

Next February, Monday 4th, we are once again cruising over the Baltic Sea to attend Jfokus 2013 and along the way there, we are arranging a Vaadin Meetup during the cruise.

This is a unique opportunity for every Java professional based in Finland to attend the Jfokus 2013 conference and network with other Finnish Java professionals. We have gathered speakers from around the world, such as Stephen Chin from Oracle and Martijn Verburg from jClarity. The cruise ship, M/S Silja Europa leaves from Turku at 8:15pm, February 4th, and the Vaadin Meetup starts immediately after the ship casts off. So take a look at the event page and join us on the cruise!

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