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While we're waiting for the winter to really kick into gear, we enjoy every moment of the six and a half hours of sunlight we get today. When the snow starts to cover the ground, everything lights up bright again.
  Vaadin Classroom Training

We have always provided expert consulting to companies, but this has most often been in conjunction with a specific project, or a specific topic. So, we have long been thinking that we need to do more general, more publicly reachable training.

The plans for available-for-anyone classes are in good standing right now, but instead of us guessing where we could be of best help, we need the community's input: Where do you want us to host these classes?

We are currently planning on two courses: fundamentals and advanced. They are priced at 1,600 USD / 1,200 EUR and 800 USD / 600 EUR per person, respectively.

If you, the team you are in, or your whole company, are interested in this, please do fill our questionnare on where we should have these lessons.

BSB and the Vaadin guys hard at work

BSB, the Belgian supplier of IT solutions for the insurance and finance industries, had a Vaadin hands-on training this summer. Three of the cream developers at BSB attended a one week hands-on session led by Vaadin Expert Marcus Hellberg.

"One of the key technology roadmap points of BSB is to offer access to its applications through a web-standard compliant user interface, harmonizing our current UI technologies in front-office (Flex-based) and back-office (Swing-based) components of Soliam - our Wealth & Portfolio Management System, and Solife - our Life Insurance Management System. The key requirements for us are the richness and interactivity of user interfaces, as well as the efficiency and learning curve of the programming model" says senior Software Engineer Stéphane Nicoll.

He continues "In this context, we selected Vaadin as a candidate technology and decided to implement a Proof of Concept, our objective being to mimic a typical UI screen of our products with Vaadin. Besides the capabilities of the framework, we were impressed by the skills and reactivity of the people that assisted us, and the speed at which they were able to help us solve complex problems. On a side note, we enjoyed the relaxed, yet very professional atmosphere, of the office and we really enjoyed the people's openness and honesty."

It still remains to be seen what BSB will be able to cook up together with Vaadin, but the first steps which are usually the most critical have been very successful. Would you like some rocket fuel to your Vaadin development? Contact or +358-400-300-381 for more info about our professional services.

Jfokus Cruise 2012

Why break a winning formula; we're organizing another Jfokus-cruise, since the last one was so much fun, and such a success. Note that this time, we're leaving from Helsinki, as it is a much more natural choice for departure.

Last cruise we had two excellent external speakers, from Oracle and Google. This time we're in the talks of having three speakers. But since we haven't yet finalized all the details regarding our speakers, the final list of speakers will be officially announced later, so be sure to check out our jfokus page from time to time.

If you're interested in coming aboard, fill in the registration form over at Jfokus. If you just want to participate in the cruise, and not interested in Jfokus, you're free to do that, too: just select the right option at the bottom of the form.

As the last time, the Vaadin Cruise is organized only on the way to Sweden, you're free to leave whenever, however.

Vaadin's Jfokus Meetup page:
Jfokus' cruise sign-up:


If you came and said hi to us at Devoxx, this might be old news for you. But for those of you who missed the opportunity, we have published a new magazine, called Dock.

While Dock is technically filled with case studies from projects we've been involved in, or completely done ourselves, it's much more than that: It's a beautiful magazine filled with great photography and inspiring ideas.

You can get the free PDF version online, or you can buy the much more elegant physical copy of it online. Also, if you see us at a convention, be sure to ask for one copy, in case we have brought a few with us.

Read more about Dock here: