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Taraxacum officinale or more commonly referred to as the Common Dandelion is one of the most perseverant plants in the Finnish nature. It can grow its leaves through asphalt in the harshest conditions but it survives best by the side of the road and on large fields. The dandelion spreads by turning itself into a silver blowball that the wind, or small children for that matter, blow away to new regions of growth. It is beautiful to look at and renews itself each year by adapting to its ever changing environment.

Vaadin 7.2

Vaadin 7.2 was a major release, with many renewed features on the inside of the framework, with focus on new devices. Vaadin has built-in responsive layouts to support multiple device sizes for your application out of the box. It also adds native mode support for Internet Explorer 11 and Windows Phone 8.1. One of the cooler features for retina size screens is scalable vector icons, now through Font Awesome built directly into Vaadin. Vaadin 7.2 also brings better support for WAI-ARIA and improved Push support. All major improvements that will make you and your users happy.

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Trainings go on-line

Vaadin Trainings

We've just published the autumn calendar for open classroom trainings and at the same time launched a new Vaadin Fundamentals course that will be taught online. We are rolling out new content for the Advanced Vaadin course for the second half of the year in combination with a new 1-day Extending Vaadin course. Advanced Vaadin is now focusing more on containers, bootstrapping and building your full fledged application whereas Extending Vaadin's content concentrates on the client-side.

Read more in a recent Vaadin Blog entry and sign up to the Vaadin Fundamentals Online course with a 30% discount. The training starts June 17th.

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Pro Tools price change

Vaadin Pro Tools

Vaadin Pro Tools' price is going to change July 1st. The increase in price will, however, not affect you as an existing customer or a customer that has signed up for Pro Tools before July 1st 2014.

Vaadin Pro Tools is a collection of tools for you as a Vaadin developer, to help you build awesome charts, move your application to mobile & tablet and to help you ensure quality through automated testing. Vaadin Charts, TouchKit and TestBench ensure you complete your project even faster.

Read more on the price change in the blog. By subscribing before June 30th, you ensure a steady price of $35 per month for a one or two year subscription.

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