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A Start of Something New

For the first time this year, Finland has finally seen degrees of over 20 Celsius (68 °F). And sun – lots of sun. This has lead to first the sightings of motorcycles, top-down convertibles, sailboats and yachts. People sit in restaurants' patios, sipping on their drinks, trying out their shorts for the first time in what feels like forever.

Unfortunately, nature reminds a sizable part of the population that they, indeed, suffer from allergies. Nature likes its irony.

Vaadin 7 Certification is Coming

For the past few weeks, we've been furiously finalizing one of the more asked for and anticipated additions to the Vaadin ecosystem: Vaadin 7 Certification. There have been some small scale customized test runs, but this time it's about a generally available certification system, for anyone and everyone.

The definite introduction will be posted on on Tuesday, May 21:st, which is the official launch date for the certification program.

But here's what will happen: On Tuesday, each and every paid Pro Account user (i.e. non-trial accounts) will have a chance to certify themselves. A menu will be present in the Pro Account dashboard that will take you to the certification. When you pass, you will be given a diploma and a personalized certification webpage that you can add to, for example, your resume or CV. If you fail, you can retry the test in a month.

When you feel confident enough, you're free to attempt to certify yourself by taking the certification exam. We have excellent training courses available for the certification, that will prepare you for it. Also, we're going to host a webinar on the Vaadin 7 certification program at the end of May, but we'll have more information about that in Tuesday's blog post.

Vaadin 7.1.0 Beta1 is Out

We released Vaadin 7.1.0 beta1 earlier this month, marking the imminent approach of the first minor version of Vaadin 7.

7.1.0 will have a couple major features compared to the 7.0 series: server push with websockets (and graceful degredation to streaming where websockets are not supported), server-side CSS injection, and a completely rewritten client-side debug window - to name a few. More on these features in our beta1 blog post.

There's no beta2 in the plans, so the final release of Vaadin 7.1.0 can be expected early June.

Directory Has a Future

The last newsletter celebrated the third birthday of our beloved Directory. It contained a link to a questionnaire on what the community thought on Directory in general. The data is now compiled, and some interesting observations were made.

The questionnaire asked about Directory, but also about the working environment. The most interesting pieces of information were that our investment on Maven and Ivy has been a good one, since roughly 70% of the answers mentioned using either of them. A surprise was also unearthed from the data: We assumed that NetBeans was the second most popular IDE, while the data showed it being IntelliJ IDEA. Eclipse is still the most popular IDE, with a majority vote.

Most importantly, the feedback contained good feedback on where the community would like to see Directory going in the future, and it happened to coincide quite well what has already been thrown around as plans for the future of Directory.

You can read all about it in the blog post You had opinions on Directory.

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