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Avoid the trap of writing too much. Skipping the fluff will keep the reader engaged. The next time you write anything, try this: After the first pass, aim to cut the word count by half. It does wonders.


Vaadin with PhoneGap


PhoneGap is a product that can package website into a native mobile application, also giving that wrapped website access to the device's resources through a javascript API. PhoneGap supports the most important mobile platforms, from Symbian and Bada all the way to iOS and Windows Phone.

Matti Tahvonen has written a blog post to accompany his example application for using Vaadin with PhoneGap Build.


Vaadin 7 Wiki

If you still haven't had the chance of diving into Vaadin 7, we have tons of mini tutorials for it in our "Vaadin 7" wiki landing page. A good ones to get well underway and familiar with some of the new features would be:

Remember: even though Vaadin 7 is labeled as "alpha", it's only semantics. We still take pride in our quality releases, we just can't promise the API and features stay the same, or provide official support for them. So trying out Vaadin 7 today gives you still a very accurate image of what's coming.


Directory Pick: Refresher, by Henrik Paul

If you have found yourself in a situation where your Vaadin UI takes a long time to render, because some database query takes a long time to return, Henrik Paul's Refresher might help you out.

Normally you can't change the UI reliably from another Thread, because Vaadin's design doesn't support this directly – if the UI is changed outside of the client-server-client roundtrip, the changes aren't visible until the next one is initiated by the user. Refresher works around this limitation by periodically asking the server for any unrendered changes.

The Refresher supports Vaadin 6, and there's a version for Vaadin 7 too. It also works in both servlets and portlets. The chosen license is the open Apache License 2.0.

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