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Bright, Warm and Dirty
March is the time when the sun returns to Finland's skies. Even with a few minus Centigrade, having a sun in a cloudless sky or not makes a huge difference. Snowpiles are starting to shrink, and you actually see the pavement on the roads in places.

Due to the slush and water from molten snowpiles on roads, March is also the time when your car has never been dirtier, and washing it keeps your car clean for only a few minutes.

Vaadin Charts and Webinar

After a successful beta period, and with the help of our community we are now able to announce a stable Vaadin Charts 1.0.

Vaadin Charts is the definite way to easily create high-quality charts for your applications. You can use containers for familiar vaadin data-binding, or manipulate the charts directly. There are tons of different chart types available, and each type can be custmized in a myriad of ways. And everything can easily be themed to fit right into your own application's look and feel.

To help you hit the ground running and be able to make the most out of Vaadin Charts, we're having a free-to-attend webinar on Vaadin Charts. Register yourself to the webinar to make sure you get the attendance information.

More information can be found in the Vaadin Charts page.

Vaadin 7 Roadmap

Even though Vaadin 7 is released, that doesn't mean that we are resting on our laurels. For example, Vaadin 7.1 is en route. While it will include a lot of improvements, probably the longest-standing and most-requested feature to be included there is server push.

Some changes to our other products: Vaadin Calendar will be integrated into the framework, and adopt the Apache 2.0 license. We will also release the next version of JPAContainer as Apache 2.0, and the version after that will probably be merged into the framework itself, reincarnated as a more generally useful container.

Aside of the highlights mentioned above, there is a lot more planned for the coming months. Joonas has written a thorough explanation of the roadmap for the Vaadin product catalog.

Directory Pick: JsConsole

As Vaadin 7 has been released, Directory has seen a lot of activity with add-ons being updated to the newest Vaadin version. But we also have had an exceptional amount of completely new add-ons, which has got us excited.

One of the many new features in Vaadin 7 is the support for JavaScript components and extensions. This allows you to write pure JavaScript, if GWT simply isn't cutting it for you. One limitation here is that you can't access Vaadin's debug window, the VConsole via JavaScript. So you would normally need to use the browser's debug console to output debug messages from your JavaScript component or extension.

JsConsole is done for this purpose: it presents you with a way to log from pure JavaScript into the Vaadin's debug window with two simple function calls: vaadin.console.log() and vaadin.console.error().

Check out JsConsole, currently available for Vaadin 7, in Vaadin Directory.

Vaadin is Now in GitHub

While Vaadin 6 was (and still is) developed with SVN, as soon as we started developing Vaadin 7 we decided that Git is the only way to go. We started by deploying our own Git server, and later integrated Gerrit into the workflow.

Even though our own Git server will remain the one we develop against, we have now deployed a repository in GitHub that is kept in sync with our own server. For this to make any sense, we have finally made an up to date, easy to follow development guide for you to start tinkering around in Vaadin yourself.

If you get excited enough to start fixing Vaadin bugs, and eagerly want to contribute back to us, great! Unfortunately, we cannot accept pull requests via GitHub. The best way to share your efforts is to find or find a bug ticket in the Vaadin Trac, and attach a diff patch to the ticket.

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