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Inspiration is a curious thing. It's naturally occurring and renewing. It can achieve what no chemical or other substitute can. It makes both developers and clients happy. It can be contagious. It can start businesses worth billions, or it can just make one afternoon a moment to remember for your rest of your life. It's a pity that it's so elusive.

Take care of your inspiration – those moments may never come back.


Vaadin 7 Alpha2 Is Delayed


Contrary to what the last newsletter mentioned, we must sadly inform you that Vaadin 7 alpha2 did not launch according to original plans, because of last-minute quality issues found during development and testing. The new deadline, as we now have more information about the issues at hand, is set out for April 20. Let's hope the next newsletter bears us some happier news.

Our head of Vaadin development, Artur Signell, expresses his condolences in a blog post detailing the situation.


IntelliJ IDEA's Vaadin Support Just Got Serious

We are glad to welcome IntelliJ IDEA to the ranks of IDEs that have prime support for Vaadin! Thanks to community member Dmitry Zhuravlev and his Vaadin plug-in for IDEA, it now has support on par with the Eclipse plug-in, including the powerful Visual Designer.

Inspired by his initiative and work, we decided to track him down and request an interview. He gladly accepted, and the entire interview can be read in our blog.

The plug-in has a website, but it's easiest to install it from within the IDE itself. A guide is found in the interview blog post.


Price Changes for Pro Account

The best Vaadin support in the world, Pro Account, just became simpler too: $90 USD per month, per developer. For everyone. This is a change from the former $99 USD/mo/dev for single licenses, with a progressively declining pricing the larger the team.

Since larger teams don't get a discount on price, Pro Account will give something even more valuable for subscriptions of 3, 6 or 10 developers: From now on, new Pro Account subscriptions that have multiple developers in the team will receive gratis support hours. The amount of hours given depends on your team size.

Purchased Support hours have also a revised pricing, starting from $230 USD/h (from the old $249 USD), with discounts going down to $5.250 USD for 30 hours (that's $175 USD/h).

Sami Kaksonen's original announcement can be read in the forums, or you can check the Pro Account site for full details.


Directory Pick: ContextHelp, by Jonatan Kronqvist

Even though Vaadin offers descriptions (tooltips) and input prompts for fields, they're sometimes not quite enough. Sometimes a field has a special function that can't be expressed in a short snippet of text. What you'd want is a helpful bubble pop-up with a short paragraph of text, perhaps with a helpful image.

ContextHelp does just that. It's a utility component that allows you to define which forms or fields shall display a bubble, and what the contents of each is. You can bind popup action to any key you want, you can open the bubbles programmatically, or you can have them to simply follow focus.

The ContextHelp add-on can be found in the Directory along with the source code, some example code and a live demo.

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