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Summer Cottage

A Natural Refuge


Some Finns have a summer home in the midst of Finnish nature. Many of them near a body of water, for swimming. Friends are invited over for some rustic and healty food. Later in the evening, the wood-fire sauna is maybe heated up and some go for a dip. As the summer sun fruitlessly tries to set, maybe an open fire is lit and sausages are roasted on a spit.

Sure, everyone has their way of winding down at home after a day's work. But there's no comparing to surrounding yourself with the sounds and smells of nature.


Vaadin += GWT


Google has announced that GWT will move towards a more open development model, and we're excited to announce that Vaadin is a part of the GWT steering committee.

This also means that Vaadin 7 will have even more support for GWT. First of all, Vaadin 7 will be bundled with a GWT distribution that's maintained by the Vaadin team. This will have many benefits for both Vaadin and GWT developers, e.g. allowing you to fluently transition between server-driven and client-side development.

Vaadin will also be the first company to offer commercial support for GWT via Pro Account or Key Account.

Read more about Vaadin += GWT and the services we provide.


Vaadin 7 alpha 3 is released

As we make steady progress towards Vaadin 7, we have released yet another set of brand new features for everyone to test out and comment on. Alpha 3 comes with four amazing features:

  • Navigation API makes it easy to add URI-based navigation to your applications.
  • JavaScript integration API allows developers to write raw JavaScript that communicates in both ways with Vaadin, even on the server-side.
  • JavaScript based components come in handy when you have existing JavaScript components, or have the need for something very trivial that's the easiest to do with a few lines of JavaScript.
  • GWT built-in makes Vaadin a drop-in replacement for any existing GWT project, and more.

We already have a good amount of tutorials regarding the new features in our Vaadin 7 wiki page - scroll down the page for the latest ones. The Vaadin/GWT combination is a topic of its own, and best explained at our Vaadin += GWT page. Feel free to express your thoughts and discuss at our Vaadin 7 forums.


A Slight Change in the Newsletter

Upcoming Vaadin Newsletters will be sent out at the beginning of each month, instead of at the month's end. This means that we'll be able to concentrate more on upcoming events, rather than only recapping what already has happened.

This newsletter issue is a transition issue that covers both June and July. The next newsletter will come at the beginning of August.

Vaadin Training Schedule
Aug 6-8 Budapest, Hungary
Aug 27-29 Moscow, Russia
Sep 17-19 Bangalore, India
Oct 15-17 Warsaw, Poland
Nov 27-28 Brussels, Belgium
  More to be announced
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