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Exciting Times
We have a belly full of Christmas food. The winter solstice is behind us again. Vacations have been had. The -25 degrees Centigrade Finland had around the holidays have turned to milder weather. It's not a bad place to start things fresh once again for the New Year. How about picking up that thing you've been thinking and wondering about and finally learning the ins and outs of it?

Finally, Vaadin 7 RC1!

Fresh out of the oven, we have a Vaadin 7 RC1 out right now, available in Maven, via the experimental Vaadin Plug-in for Eclipse (we are soon updating the stable version with Vaadin 7 support), or directly at our download page. The Release Candidate means that if no critical bugs are found, we will release this very version as the final Vaadin 7.0.0 version. If critical bugs are found, we will fix them, release them in a RC2, and repeat this process. In essence, you can treat this release as the final version for all intents and purposes.

You can find the release blog post in our blog.

Leif has written about what has happened between Beta 11 and RC1. It is the first part of a new monthly series called Vaadin Development Team Update, which will keep you up to date on what the development team is doing. Go right ahead and read the first one: Vaadin Development Team Update 01/2013.

Vaadin Charts Beta

To celebrate the Vaadin 7 RC1 release, we have also released a public beta for one of the most requested functionalities to Vaadin: Vaadin Charts. Vaadin Charts will deprecate Vaadin Timeline, as Vaadin Timeline is included in Vaadin Charts, but it will add even more functionalities. Vaadin Charts is powered by Highcharts, a popular JavaScript graphing library.

We are now calling for beta testers for Vaadin Charts. Therefore, Vaadin Charts Beta is freely available for anyone to try out in our Directory. The final version is scheduled to be released on February 21st. We're giving out five one-year subscriptions of Vaadin Pro Account to helpful beta testers.

Read more about this in Sami's Vaadin Charts Beta blog post.

Vaadin Trainings Renewed

After about a year of doing Vaadin Trainings, we are very pleased with both the feedback and the trainings themselves. We have reviewed all the feedback, and thought about how we could improve the trainings.

This year will start with slightly tuned classes, with emphasis on Vaadin 7, on which we will release a release candidate version soon. We have also extended the Advanced Vaadin Training to two days.

Tanja's blog post about this explains everything in more detail.

Vaadin Training
Jan 21-24
Feb 18-21
Feb 25-28
Berlin, Germany
Chicago, US
Helsinki, Finland
Mar 18-21 Rome, Italy
More to be announced...
Taking one of the Vaadin trainings is the fastest way to learn new things about Vaadin.
Vaadin Fundamentals: Architecture of Vaadin, application structure, basic components and their usage, etc...
Advanced Vaadin: Implementation of MVC, dependency injection, optimizations, client-side components, etc...
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