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Vaadin 7 is Finally Out!
A long wait is over. We finally have shipped our biggest release yet: Vaadin 7. This has lifted a huge weight off our shoulders and we're at long last being able to celebrate something everyone has been waiting for - this includes also us at Vaadin. All this, combined with the peeking morning sun, who would fault us for a bit of celebration?

New Things in Vaadin

Migrating your Vaadin app to Vaadin 7?

Contact and we'll be happy to help in planning, training and implementation.

Vaadin 7 introduces a lot of new things. Most of it boils down to removing unnecessary abstractions and giving the developer more power:

  • Less special HTML and CSS. They now work as expected.
  • We don't try to hide the underlying servlets or HTTP sessions.
  • Writing your UIs in client-side code is made easy and transparent.

One of the largest single new features in Vaadin is the support of SCSS. Sassy CSS helps with making and maintaining themes even easier than before.

Google Web Toolkit is now also embedded in Vaadin 7 in such a way that Vaadin is now a drop-in replacement for GWT, even if you wouldn't use the server-side of Vaadin at all. Since we initially will have a release cycle of 2 weeks between maintenance releases, Vaadin will be updated much more frequently than the mainstream GWT release.

Our wiki is filled with small and helpful guides regarding a lot of the new features and changes done for Vaadin 7.

The best way of getting into Vaadin 7 is to check out our brand new Tutorial. You will find a suitable way to actually get coding with Vaadin 7 by choosing your download method at our renewed download page. Our learn page also has a screencast on how to create a simple Vaadin application in minutes. Inspiration for your projects can be found amongst our demos.

Vaadin Development Team Update 02/2013

It's only fitting that Leif has written a new Vaadin Development Team Update, the second in the series. The Vaadin Development Team Update is a series of blogposts where we learn about what the Vaadin Team has been up to

This edition describes the last days before the release of Vaadin 7, and also what they are going to work on next.

Release Party on a Cruise

Vaadin had a meet-up on Monday 4th February on board the Vaadin JFocus Cruise. Tanja has written a thorough report on what happened during the meet-up, which was also the official Vaadin 7 release party. The speakers for the meet-up were Stephen Chin from Oracle, Artur Signell from Vaadin, Sampsa Sohlman from Liferay, Mikko Taivainen from Arcusys, and Martijn Verburg from jClarity.

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