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Bright Lights,



There's no feeling like getting the sun's glare in your eyes when driving home, and I don't mean it facetiously. We still have piles of snow everywhere and there's even more snow coming our way. But the shining sun is distinctly warm, and you can't go about without noticing it. Even the birds have noticed it.

This week I realized the birds are out and singing again.


Vaadin 7 Alpha 2


We're about to do another alpha release of our biggest Vaadin version yet. The original plan was to release it now, at the end of February. Unfortunately, we're going to miss that deadline, since we need to give it some further polish before we can give it to the public for reviewal.

Expect the alpha 2 to be available at the end of next week, or, at the very latest, the beginning of the week after.

Alpha 1 concentrated on separating a Root from the Application and making data binding better than before. Alpha 2 comes with a few more improvements: Better layout performance, shared state and RPC for client-server communication, separation of client-side functionality and more. So stay tuned; the development team will post the ordinary forum posts and further information when the alpha is out. We're waiting eagerly for your comments on what we've done.

Note: Add-ons with a GWT component, written for Vaadin 6, will be incompatible with Vaadin 7 as of alpha 2. We might have a chance to implement a compatibility layer later on, but it will not arrive for this alpha 2 release.

Follow the progress in our Trac.


Scaladin 1.0

Scala is one of the more popular up-and-coming languages. It runs on the same JVM as Java code, which is quite convenient, since you can use Java classes in Scala. So, why not write Vaadin applications in Scala? Well, the most immediate answer would be: because Vaadin is written in Java, for Java. The API looks awkward when used in Scala.

This isn't an issue anymore, thanks to Scaladin. Formerly known as Scala-wrappers, Scaladin is the layer in between Vaadin and your application that makes writing code against Vaadin less awkward and more Scala-like. Here's a snippet of Scaladin code you might write to construct a simple GUI:

val layout = new VerticalLayout(width = 100 pct, height = 100 pct) {
  add(new Label(content = "Persons", style = Reindeer.LABEL_H1))
  add(new Table(width = 100 pct, height = 100 pct), ratio = 1)
  add(new HorizontalLayout(spacing = true) {
    add(new Button("Edit selected", _ => editClicked()))
    add(new Button("Add new", _ => addNewClicked()))


Scaladin works with the latest Vaadin 6 releases, and the 1.0 version is currently available in Directory. Make sure to check out the example projects on the right hand side of the Directory page.


JRebel for Vaadin

Our Pro Account subscribers (with a subscription period of 6 or 12 months) will get a new feature as of today: JRebel for Vaadin.

JRebel for Vaadin is special version of ZeroTurnaround's JRebel 4.6 (and later), tailored for Vaadin. JRebel allows you to apply changes to your running applications without redeploying.

The average developer spends over 10 minutes per coding hour on redeploying their application, according to 2011 Java EE Productivity report. Considering that the whole idea with Vaadin Pro Account is to make Vaadin application developers more productive, we believe that getting rid of those 10 minutes will make developers considerably more productive.

More information about JRebel for Vaadin at
More information about Vaadin Pro Account in general at


Vaadin Services

Vaadin Framework, and its earlier incarnations, has been around for over 11 years. The framework has been open source for the most of this time, and it seems to have been a good deal for everyone – both you and us.

Our business model is quite simple: Vaadin Framework is 100% free and we sell things that makes your team benefit more from our framework. This translates to offering our help in form of support, services and add-ons commercially. With this model we have been able to constantly grow our investment in the free Vaadin over the years at an accelerating pace.

Read more about our model, services and see some of the customer cases on a recent blog post.

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