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Past, present and new year

December, the time of wrapping up the year and winding down before the next one starts. Christmas and New Years in Finland are set around vacations from work and spending time with our loved ones. The best present we can give, however, is often not a present, but it is to be present. Be there for your family and friends and enjoy some fun and games together. You've deserved your present.

Spice up your Vaadin app

Johan from the Vaadin team has been busy writing different add-ons to spice up your Vaadin experience. We interviewed him for the blog to understand what his Head Tilt "webcam mouse" and Balling "Play armageddon in your business app" add-ons actually do. The Vaadin Directory today has over 400 add-ons, so check Johan's and many others' and you might be surprised with what you can find.

Vaadin in NetBeans just got better

NetBeans Plugin

In order to avoid mistakes and improve usability when developing applications with Vaadin Framework, we have released a new version of the NetBeans plugin (version 1.0.2). It contains a lot of implemented editor's hints that mark source code directly in the editor and assist to write code. This functionality detects most common errors and is fully configurable: it's possible to enable/disable any hint and set its severity.

We would like to give you an opportunity to write code without the need to do additional external actions, such as calling Wizards and search/download Add-Ons. Thus we provided an editor assistant that could be used to generate artifacts with just a single click on the editor glyph. The upcoming 1.1.0 version will provide a simple way to use Vaadin Add-Ons from Directory via code completion. So it will be possible to put Add-Ons into the project without leaving the IDE. Go get the latest and finest now.

Trainings ahead

Vaadin Trainings

What better way to kickstart the new year than to join a Vaadin Training and learn from the best Vaadin trainers in the world? We've trained hundreds of people in our open classroom trainings, gotten tons of positive feedback and the schedule for next year was just launched, with locations near you. There is an early bird discount available, so sign up now to have your spot secured for next year!

Vaadin Training
Jan 13 - 16
Jan 20 - 23
Feb 10 - 13
Mar 10 - 13
Mar 10 - 13
Berlin, Germany
Turku, Finland
Helsinki, Finland
Fort Lauderdale, U.S.
Rome, Italy
Mar 17 - 20
Apr 7 - 10
Apr 14 - 17
May 12 - 15
Zurich, Switzerland
Munchen, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Portland, U.S.
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Taking one of the Vaadin trainings is the fastest way to learn new things about Vaadin.
Vaadin Fundamentals
Architecture of Vaadin, application structure, basic components and their usage, etc...
Advanced Vaadin
Implementation of MVC, dependency injection, optimizations, client-side components, etc...
Google Web Toolkit
Creating views, GWT RPC, events, plug-ins, etc...