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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
It's again the time when several generations of a family get together. The traditional Finnish Christmas can be summed up with a decorated christmas tree in the living room, stomachs full of chocolate, a kitchen full of home made food and bakery and the surprise of presents being received during the evening (if you have been nice, of course). While some of the served food might need some getting used to, the highlight of the Christmas table is undoubtedly the ham. Everything else is, more or less literally, just gravy.

An Unexpected Vaadin 7 Beta 11

We have been holding on to this newsletter in anticipation of the release of Vaadin RC1, and we were expecting to be able to release it today. But as we look at what we have in our hands, we're not happy to call it an RC. We're releasing it as an beta 11 instead.

But this release is much more than a mere beta - this is a stable API and the features are freezed. We have a few issues that, while not common, we aren't happy having in a final Vaadin 7.0.0 release.

Joonas has written a more thorough explanation on the situation on our website.

GWT Wishlist

We conducted a survey on what developers thought about GWT, and what they wanted from it in the future. The results are now in, for everyone to read.

The survey included a few long answer questions that got a good amount of answers. We have set up a GWT Wishlist for you to vote on based on these answers. Voting helps the GWT committee members to know what really matters to you. We categorized the GWT Wishlist into killer features, productivity improvements, missing features, missing extensions and overall problems.

Get the Future of GWT Report 2012, and vote on the GWT Wishlist

Open Source is Our Business Model

We occasionally get asked about the discrepancy between giving Vaadin for free with a liberal open source license, and still being able to employ some 60 skilled professionals. Fredrik, our vice-president of sales, has written a blog post on how we actually make Vaadin sustainable as a business, in a piece called Yes, We Do Sell Services!

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