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The 31 days of August have almost passed. In Finnish the month's name is "elokuu" which refers to crop harvesting, as the nature tells us it's time to start preparing for winter. For us it also means we are getting busier as we speed up towards the end of the year.

GWT.create for Vaadin developers

Vaadin hosts the largest event around GWT, Vaadin, other frameworks and emerging web technologies in 2013. And you are invited! Join the 2 day conference in Frankfurt or San Francisco with over 60 speeches, two parallel tracks, you and hundreds of other Vaadin and GWT developers, the core Vaadin team, Google, Sencha, RedHat and many more.

Sign up now to ensure your spot and get the early-bird discount at

Learn Vaadin - new books, videos and trainings

What is the best way to learn Vaadin? We think learning-by-doing is by far the best way to learn how to use anything - but without proper instructions you're more or less bound to hit a wall at some point.

Last spring our own lecturer Miki gave a course at the local university which was recorded for your convenience. Check out the lectures to get a detailed dive into Vaadin. But, don't forget to check out the updated Vaadin Training calendar. We have added more trainings and locations. They are the best way to learn Vaadin.

During the summer the Book of Vaadin was updated to include changes in Vaadin 7.1 - available in PDF, HTML, ePub and as a hard copy. You can get it free by visiting us at any of the conferences we're attending. Similarly, the DZone refcard got updated to reflect Vaadin 7 as well. Download it from And last but not least, there are some completely new books about Vaadin available. See for details.

Directory pick: GoogleMaps for Vaadin 7

Visualizing data on a map is a common requirement in many business areas, be it plotting ships needing spare parts, aircraft near a military base, money transfers in real time or hacking attempts around the world - placing the data in context on a map helps you visualize it.

There has been a Google Maps add-on in the Vaadin Directory for a long time and it has been the standard for mapping in Vaadin applications. Now it's also available for Vaadin 7.

The conversion work and the newly added features were sponsored by Gas Natural Fenosa, SNAP Consulting and Track4C. Get it now from the Vaadin Directory.

Pssst! Did you notice the new notifications at Check the most up to date news there.

Vaadin Training
Sep 16 - 19
Sep 17 - 20
Sep 23 - 26
Frankfurt, Germany
Geneva, Switzerland
Madrid, Spain
Sep 30 - Oct 3
Oct 14 - 17
Oct 21 - 24
Brussels, Belgium
Helsinki, Finland
Rome, Italy
Taking one of the Vaadin trainings is the fastest way to learn new things about Vaadin.
Vaadin Fundamentals
Architecture of Vaadin, application structure, basic components and their usage, etc...
Advanced Vaadin
Implementation of MVC, dependency injection, optimizations, client-side components, etc...
Google Web Toolkit
Creating views, GWT RPC, events, plug-ins, etc...