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Sweet Water


Aqua, Wasser, Vatten, Vesi. H2O is a pretty remarkable substance. All life on Earth requires it, yet only about 1% of all water reserves on earth are drinkable, and this includes the relatively large amounts of ground water. It's used for almost all aspects of society: for drinking and food preparation, industrial processes, sports and recreation, to name a few. A most mundane substance, yet a most exciting one at the same time.


Vaadin 7 Will Be Sassy


SCSS, or Sassy CSS, is a popular language to make up for the shortcomings in CSS: Variables, functions, reusable markup, pixel arithmetic, and so on.

One of the less talked-about features in Vaadin 7 is the huge leap we're getting in themeing Vaadin applications. One of these will be support for the SCSS language. At first, we will add support for SCSS-compilation with the Vaadin tools. In development mode, SCSS will be compiled on the fly without an explicit compilation step, and this feature might also make it to production mode later for hassle-free packaging and deployment.

This also means that Vaadin will be the first to provide a functional native Java implementation of SCSS as open source.

You can expect the first implementations to appear in the nightly Vaadin 7 releases during this month. The first nightlies will not support some features, like pixel arithmetic - these will be added as soon as we can complete them.


JRebel 5, Now With Even Less Redployments

JRebel 5 has a new feature called JRebel-Remoting. While JRebel has always been able to make changes immediately available on local servers, Remoting allows you to do the same thing on other computers aswell. If the development environment is too slow to be run on a developer's computer, a testing back-end can't be provided directly to a developer's computer, or any number of comparable situations, Remoting will come in handy.

If you're still wondering whether to start using JRebel, here's a a screencast by the crazy guys at ZeroTurnaround showing them making a live and functioning web-based IDE.


Directory Pick: ConfirmDialog, by Sami Ekblad

It's not unusual for an application to confirm some actions with the user. Usually, if an action can have dramatic and/or unreconcilable concequences, it's better to verify once more to avoid disastrous accidents. Sami Ekblad's ConfirmDialog is a readymade component that has a versatile API for handling everything about the dialog.

It can be found in Directory, licensed under Apache 2.0. ConfirmDialog has versions for both Vaadin 6.x and Vaadin 7 up to alpha 3.

Vaadin Training Schedule
Aug 21-23 Budapest, Hungary
Aug 27-29 Moscow, Russia
Sep 11-12 Helsinki, Finland
Sep 17-19 Bangalore, India
Oct 3-4 Geneva, Switzerland
  More to be announced
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