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Setting sail.

An exceptionally warm April has made us Finns go outside to enjoy the sun. There's less than two months left until we have 24 consecutive hours of sunlight and people are enjoying it to the fullest. The boats are all set and now it's time to enjoy the archipelago. Sail away for a while, enjoy, and find new ideas.

The Future of Vaadin 7

With Vaadin 7.2 just around the corner, what is going to happen next?

The two largest upcoming enhancements to Vaadin are a new fresh theme and a new more powerful Grid component. But there is life after 7 and we have some preliminary thoughts for Vaadin 8 as well.

Joonas updated the Vaadin roadmap in April and opened some of our future plans in the blog. Read more about it in the Vaadin 7-series blog post.

Tori, the open source Liferay forum

Tori Liferay Forum

April was a busy month for Tori, the open source forum that is powering the community discussion forum. Tori was made open source and published at the Liferay Marketplace for anyone to take into use. If you're running a Liferay installation with LR 6.0 or later, get Tori directly from Liferay Marketplace or GitHub.

Check out what's so special about the Tori forum portlet in the announcement blogpost.

GWT.create 2015 Call For Papers

GWT.create conference 2015

GWT.create 2015 is going to take place in Mountain View, CA and Munich, Germany at the beginning of next year. We're opening the Call for Papers at the beginning of May, so if you have an idea for a speech around Vaadin or GWT, please submit it as soon as possible. Also, remember to take advantage of the special 40% discount in pricing before April 30th by signing up at

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