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The larger Finnish food chains provide a food magazine for their patrons that's filled with delicious recipes. For free. The idea behind these magazines is to inspire people to try new foods, and do it as simply as possible. The recipes inside are straightforward and tasty. Think Jamie Oliver, but with ingredients you probably already have in your cupboards.

Oh, by the way, have you heard of Dock?

Vaadin Directory Turns Three Years Old

It's 3 years since Vaadin Directory was launched. At the time of writing, it's only 6 shy of 350 add-ons. All of them, save a couple, are open-source licensed, making it easy for everyone to learn how to make new add-ons and to understand how Vaadin's more complex features work.

The aim of Vaadin Directory has always been primarily to have a central hub of the creativity of Vaadin's community. But it's also a place of learning and collaboration. Not only do developers learn to create add-ons for Vaadin, they also learn how to publish and manage open source projects in general.

If you're familiar with Directory, we'd appreciate if you took a minute or two of your day and share your thoughts with us with this questionnaire. You'd help us steer the development of Directory in the correct direction.

Vaadin Community Cloud

Vaadin Directory helps you a lot with publishing an add-on: It collects everything in one central place for everyone to find, it provides a good structure for providing enough information about each add-on, so that everyone understands what it does. The forums have been an invaluable channel for feedback on your add-ons. However, there has always been something missing: a place to deploy the demo for the add-on.

Together with Jelastic and ServInt, we've launched Community Cloud, that aims to fill this void. With the Community Cloud, you get a non-expiring account that's designed to host all the add-ons you need. Everything is managed via an easy-to-use browser interface - no need for SSH, FTP, or any other abbreviations.

More information and a free registration can be found at the Community Cloud page.

Directory Pick: Carousel, by Tomi Virkki

Carousel is an impressive component container. Not only does it embrace the visual, it also is quite functional and has a pleasing usability. Carousel accepts Components, and displays them in a rolling canvas, one at a time. There are several ways to control the changing of components: Mouse buttons, keyboard navigation and swipe gestures for both touch and mouse.

Something that's particular to this add-on is also that it hasn't been written in Java, but in Xtend (a language that compiles into Java source code). So, if you want to see how a top-quality add-on is written in a non-Java language, Carousel is a very good case for that.

Carousel is available in Vaadin Directory, under the permissive Apache License 2.0. It supports Vaadin 7 and all major browsers.

TouchKit 3.0 Beta 1 is Released

A new major release for TouchKit is coming soon - due in roughly one month. While the hard edges are still being sanded down and rounded out, we were confident enough to release a beta version of that. A lot of things have been tweaked once again, and some new features are introduced, but probably the biggest change is support for Vaadin 7.

Take a peek into our our development Trac on what has been done for this release, or
try it out right now by downloading it from Directory.

GWT Fundamentals Training

From the beginning of year 2013 Vaadin has offered a course in GWT fundamentals. The course is two days including short lectures, hands-on coding and specific exercises. During the course you will learn about the fundamental tools and techniques needed to build great web apps with GWT. Next GWT training is in Munich, Germany and details are available at our Trainings page.

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