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Communities, Gardening, Back-scratching


Springtime is a perfect time for housing cooperatives to have a garden talkoot. "Talkoot" is a Finnish word without a direct translation into English; a group of people gather to do work together without monetary compensation. So, garden talkoot is a housing cooperative gathering round to fix the common grounds from overgrown hedges, unsightly weeds or dirty fences. Once the work is done, there's usually a get-together involving grilled sausage and beer.

Not unlike open source.


TouchKit 2.1


TouchKit has got a new substantial release: 2.1. The two major features are offline mode support and SwipeView.

Offline mode will enable you to display a version of your application even if the user has no Internet available. If the user has previously visited the application with a modern browser, like iOS' Safari or Android's web browser, the offline alternative will be shown, even if no network connections are active.

SwipeView is a component that easiliy enables gestures to your applications. This is an alternate to NavigationView, that allows your user to navigate your application by swiping left or right.

You can read all about TouchKit on our website, or simply download it directly from Directory.


A Directory Full of Upgrades

Vaadin 7 Alpha 2 is finally out, featuring a dramatic improvement in how the server and client communicate, and also an improvement in separation in client-side logic. This means that all custom widgets, including add-ons, need a bit of a touch-up to be compatible with Vaadin 7, once it's released.

Directory has already seen a surge of components being updated to be Vaadin 7-compatible, but there are a lot of popular add-ons that still need to be converted. If you have a component in Vaadin Directory, this might be a perfect opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the new features in Vaadin 7.

We have a migration guide on how to get your widgets converted from Vaadin 6 to Vaadin 7. There's an easy way, which you might want to start out with, and a thorough way, that you should use when creating new widgets from scratch.

Vaadin 7 Alpha 2 can be downloaded right now, and with the help of our migration guide, you'll have your Vaadin 6 projects up to speed in no time.


Directory Pick: FlexibleOptionGroup, by Henri Kerola

Have you ever had a situation where you had a group of options you suggest, and then you want the user to enter for an "other" option, if none of your suggestions are suitable? Haven't we all.

Henri Kerola has fixed this: FlexibleOptionGroup. It's not really a component, but more of a manager of components. And it does a lot more than just add an "other" option to your OptionGroups. It allows you to structurally build any kind of group of radio buttons, layed out however you want. No longer are you constrained by the list of string-items.

FlexibleOptionGroup is available for both Vaadin 7 and Vaadin 6 in Directory, under the Apache 2.0 license.


Event Recap

We're flying around more than ever. Our schedule has more and more North America in it, which is very exciting. But, wherever you are, there's a good chance that we'll be at a larger event surprisingly close to you.

14.5.   East Bay JUG - Oakland, CA, USA
17.5.   GeeCON - Poznan, Poland
14.6.   GeekOut - Tallinn, Estonia
27.6.   Jazoon - Zurich, Switzerland
9.7.   JAX - San Francisco, CA, USA
16.7.   OSCON 2012 - Portlan, OR, USA
6.9.   Elsass JUG - Strasbourg, France
30.9.   JavaOne 2012 - San Francisco, CA, USA

All these entries and more can be found at our event calendar. There's also a shorter list of upcoming events on our front page.

Vaadin Training Schedule
May 7-9 Madrid, Spain
May 22-24 New York, NY, USA
May 28-30 Stockholm, Sweden
May 30-31 Antwerp, Belgium
Jun 11-13 Paris, France
Jun 26-28 Houston, TX, USA
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