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Do you want to meet other Vaadin developers and learn new things?
We like to think so, and that's why we are organizing meetups around the world where you're free to join for some presentations, open discussion and refreshments.

Become a Meetup Organizer

A Vaadin Meetup Group is run by a passionate leader from the Vaadin community. It is a forum for like minded developers to share, enjoy and create things together, being an open non-discriminatory group of individuals with the goal of learning things together.

Start a meetup group
How to start a Vaadin Meetup Group

Send an email to and tell what the user group's name would be, e.g. Vaadin San Francisco. Let us also know if you have a set date for a first meetup.

Once Vaadin approves your group (we just want to know you're not a robot), you'll get some starting material for your group, and the group will be listed on among other Vaadin Meetup Groups

What you get when you start a group
  • The right to use the Vaadin Meetup Group Logo in your communication (Vaadin creates the logo for you and sends it to you).
  • Your events published on the meetup page.
  • Fame, fortune and many new friends!!
  • The possibility to join the Vaadin team for conferences with spare tickets (more often than you'd think).
  • Help from the Vaadin team in organizing and marketing events (some rights reserved).

Vaadin Speaker Kit

Presentation Guidelines

Giving a speech about Vaadin to a meetup group or inside your company is a great way to raise your profile, share knowledge about Vaadin and deepen your own knowledge about Vaadin. Here you'll find some recorded presentations and template slides in Keynote and PDF format, to be used freely. As with any presentation, prepare well: know your audience's background, tell stories about your own background with Vaadin and deliver your key message clearly. And if you're an official meetup group member, ask for help on the meetup group mailinglist. There are several people that have been in the same situation before.

Inspiration for your presentation



Vaadin introduction (7.3) By Joonas Lehtinen