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HelloWorld - with Apache meecrowave - Ramp up in a second

A nano project to start a Vaadin project running in a Jakarta EE 8 Container, based on Apache TomEE.

Target of this project

The target of this project is a minimal rampup time for a first hello world. Why we need one more HelloWorld? Well, the answer is quite easy. If you have to try something out, or you want to make a small POC to present something, there is no time and budget to create a demo project. You don’t want to copy paste all small things together. Here you will get a HelloWorld-Project that will give you all in a second.

Clone the repo and start editing the class VaadinApp. Nothing more.

Used Servlet container?

Here we are using the Jakarta EE 8 server TomEE as Servlet-Container. If you want to use Vaadin together with CDI, have a look at the CDI starter. This is using TomEE together with the CDI AddOn. You can find the starter at

The UI itself

The UI itself contains not so many elements. There is only a button you can click. For every click, the counter will be increased. The component will be registered under the root-path, based on the Annotation @Route("") For more information’s about the routing itself have a look at

public class VaadinApp extends Composite<Div> {

  private final Button         btnClickMe   = new Button("click me");
  private final Span           lbClickCount = new Span("0");
  private final VerticalLayout layout       = new VerticalLayout(btnClickMe, lbClickCount);

  private int clickcount = 0;

  public VaadinApp() {
    btnClickMe.addClickListener(event -> lbClickCount.setText(valueOf(++clickcount)));
    //set the main Component
    System.out.println("setting now the main ui content..");


Maven dependencies

To use this together with a Jakarta EE 8 Container you should add first the corresponding specifications, or better interfaces. For this the following dependency were added to this project. Make sure you will add it with the scope provided. The container will have its own version provided during runtime.


The definition about the used container is provided via maven plugin.


How to start it

With this plugin the demo could be started. Try the following maven command inside the folder that was created from git during the clone process.

`mvn clean install tomee:run `

After the demo was build from scratch, maven got all dependencies from maven central and Apache TomEE was started, you are able to try the webapp on http://localhost:8080/

Happy Coding.

Vaadin is an open-source framework offering the fastest way to build web apps on Java backends

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