The Future of GWT Report


Where is GWT heading after 2013?

We remade the survey from 2012 to find out how GWT is used today and what the technical environment you need to support in 2014 looks like in order to plan for GWT 2.6 and GWT 3.0. But we didn't stop there, also find out:

What's the best thing about GWT?

What's the worst thing about GWT?

What other tech do you use and would you consider using in your GWT project?

We received answers from over 1400 respondents to over 40 questions. With over 30 pages of data, charts, stats and commentary from the most well-respected folks in the world of GWT, we'd like to think that this report is the most complete survey of the GWT community to date.

GWT.create Conference – The #1 GWT conference in 2015. Mountain View / Munich, January 2015

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