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Unexpected "Session Expired" message in an embedded app

Sergey Travin
8 years ago Jan 20, 2015 6:49am

Hello everyone!

I have a Vaadin application embedded on a web page using <div> element, set according to the "11.2.1. Embedding Inside a div Elemen". Originally the app was written for Vaadin 7.1.15 and worked correctly. But when Vaadin's version is changing to number >= 7.2.0 (up to 7.3.8), the app has unexpected behaviour.

I'll try to decsribe when it happens:
1. A user just logged in on a web site and moved to a web page with the embedded app.
2. The page is fully loaded and the app too.
3. When the user click on some UI control element of the app then the "Session Expired" system message appears immediately.
4. The user can't do anything except click on the message to reload the page.
5. After reloading the app works correctly until app server reloaded (I use Tomcat 7).

Some notes:
- There are no problems when an <iframe> is used for embedding. But this is not appropriate embedding method for me.
- This unexpected "Session Expired" system message is not localized, although the page includes JavaScript vaadin.initApplication function with all correct localized settings, and the message is localized when session expires normally by the time.

Please help to understand the problem. Thanks!