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ComponentAttach and Detach Events

Nicole Monit
1 decade ago Sep 21, 2011 4:38pm
Charles Anthony
1 decade ago Sep 22, 2011 7:06am


Currently, there is no simple way to do this in core Vaadin.

In my project, I have created some iterators that - given an arbitrary component - will walk the tree of components beneath it.
Oh - I've just remembered, I put this code on BitBucket here. Feel free to use and abuse as you like; FWIW, I'm not planning to maintain the project (I just pulled the stuff out of my closed source project).

If you wanted to have certain components notified on attach/detach, I'd implement a marker interface, implement ComponentAttachListener on the root component, and do something like this :

Iterable<? extends Component> componentTree = ComponentIterables.componentTreeBreadthFirst(this);

    for (Component component : componentTree) {
      if (component instanceof YourMarker) {
        ((YourMarker) thing).componentAdded();        

You could also have a self propogating ComponentAttach/COmponentDetach listener, which adds/removes itself from all ComponentContainer's : just add it once at the Window/Root level, and you can be notified as any object gets added or removed from the component tree.

In short, it's possible - but you need to do a bit of work yourself.




Last updated on Sep, 22nd 2011