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Framework Versions, Deprecation & Upgrading

Zac Harvey
3 years ago Jun 27, 2019 4:02pm
Jens Jansson
3 years ago Jun 27, 2019 5:45pm

Hi Zac. Welcome!

  • We have the concept of Long-Term Supported (LTS) versions and cutting edge versions. A new version is released every three months where most are cutting edge, and with max 2 years intervals we stamp one of the versions to LTS when we deem the feature set good and complete. LTS versions are supported 5 years for free and an extra 10 commercially, and cutting edge versions four months10 and 14 are LTS while 11, 12, 13 in between were cutting edge. 15 forward will again be cutting edge. 8 and older used a different release model. So today 8 and 10 are still within the five year period and supported. 7 expired in the spring. Check https://vaadin.com/roadmap for more info!
  • As mentioned above. every 3 months a new version, and then the LTS stamp with max 2 years intervals.
  • We want to move the product forward, while still making it possible to migrate as easy as possible. It is a balance between the two, and we provide migration guides and migration tools between the major versions. between 7 and 8 the data binding API changed. Between 8 and 10 the components and client side structure were modernized. Between 10 and 14, we are updating the client side techs to match how the web development in general has gone (from HTML Imports and Bower to ES Modules and npm). Release pages have migration notes at the bottom, e.g. https://vaadin.com/releases/vaadin-14

Hope that gave some clarifications. Ask away if you have something else.

Zac Harvey
3 years ago Jun 27, 2019 7:07pm
Erik Lumme
3 years ago Jun 28, 2019 4:36am

Hi Zac,

13 is considered "cutting edge", 10 is the most recent LTS version and 14 will be the next one. More info about our roadmap here https://vaadin.com/roadmap

Last updated on Jun, 28th 2019
Zac Harvey
3 years ago Jun 28, 2019 4:29pm