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VaadinBuilder, sample

Abiel Hakeem
1 decade ago Apr 29, 2010 11:59pm


I have created an extension from Groovy's NodeBuilder for defining Vaadin UI in VGrails. Actually I made this after reading about SwingBuilder and anticipation for development/conversion of a micro banking application in Jakarta where (my PM said) it will involves about 130+ pages (JSP/Struts pages). Anyway the schedule is so tight..

So here is an alpha version of VaadinBuilder, it's so simple now for defining UI in Vaadin for Groovy/Grails developer, create a VaadinBuilder instance, define your UI, render then add to a layout/panel.. for accessing a desired component just put "name" parameter on a component node then you can access it by calling a Map named "components" in the builder instance

def vaadinBuilder = new VaadinBuilder()

def data = vaadinBuilder.panel(width:"100%", caption:"Vaadin Builder by Zhakimel",spacing:true){
     vlayout(style:"sidebar-menu", width:"200px"){
       label(caption:"My Hello Menu")
       nativebutton(caption:"First Menu")
       nativebutton(caption:"Second Menu")
       nativebutton(caption:"Third Menu")
       nativebutton(caption:"Fourth Menu")
       nativebutton(caption:"Fifth Menu")
       nativebutton(caption:"Sixth Menu")
       nativebutton(caption:"Seventh Menu")
       label(caption:"""The sidebar menu control is just a set of labels and buttons inside a CssLayout
                     or a VerticalLayout. Use the structure shown on the right,
                     and remember that you need to implement all logic yourself. :)

     panel(name:"panel",caption:'Internal Panel',spacing:true, style:"bubble"){
         textfield(caption:"The Text Field", width:"200px", value:"Vaadin")
         textfield(caption:"The Text Field", width:"200px", value:"Builder")
         select(caption:"The Select",width:"150px")
       label(name:"label1",caption:'My', addstyle:"h2 color")
       label(name:"label2",caption:'world',addstyle:"h3 color")
       component(ref:btnMyComp, style:"small")
      gridlayout(columns:2,rows:2, spacing:true){
        datefield(caption:'One Date')
        datefield(caption:'Two Date')
        datefield(caption:'Three Date')
        datefield(caption:'Four Date')
      hlayout(spacing:true, margin:true, width:"100%"){
        label(caption:" ",expandratio:1)
        button(name:"btnSave",caption:"Save",aligment:Alignment.MIDDLE_RIGHT, icon:AppConstant.ICON_OK)
        button(name:"btnCancel", caption:"Cancel",aligment:Alignment.MIDDLE_RIGHT,icon:SapIcon.GENERAL_CANCEL)

    addComponent vaadinBuilder.render(data)
    btnSave=(Button) vaadinBuilder.components["btnSave"]
    def onSave={Button.ClickEvent event->
        getWindow().showNotification "Clicked SAVE"
    } as Button.ClickListener

    btnSave.addListener onSave    
    btnCancel=(Button) vaadinBuilder.components["btnCancel"]

so here is the result

and the codes:

another test, a bit more complex panel:

oops dont forget you can also define your button ClickListener like this

button(caption:"Click Me", onclick: your Button.ClickListener )


Abiel Hakeem
@Bandung, Java

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