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Charts - possible to have custom tooltip properties via ContainerDataSeries

Scott Tatum
6 years ago Jan 04, 2017 8:36pm
Scott Tatum
6 years ago Jan 04, 2017 9:12pm

I was able to find somewhat of a solution, and maybe it will help someone in similar situation in the future.

What I did was I used two separate series, set the x and y on the first series, and the high/low on the second series. This allowed me to show whisker bars on the graph (using PlotOptionsErrorBar) for the normal ranges, which is a nice look. I set the color on the out-of-range values on the first series so they showed up red. Since the tooltip shows a line for each series, I provided a custom formatter for the second series:

tooltip.setPointFormat("(normal range: {point.low}-{point.high})<br/>Source: {point.id}");

This allowed me to show the reference range and the source. The total hack job is the source - I saw that there was a setId() on DataSeriesItem that is used to get a reference to the point object after rendering. I had no need for this so I tried using that field to store my source in, and it worked! I was worried since source is non-unique, but it doesn't seem to affect the graph. I think if I had needed any more fields, I would have been in trouble.

So there's my workaround, but I'd still be interested to hear if there is a better way.